Gelor Trading

Private Romanian company founded in 1997 , with an increasing with a wide range of activities, such as production, import-export and distribution.

We are specialized in the distribution of led light sources, LED light for indoor and outdoor, economic  lamps, electrical materials used in construction sites, fuse boxes, circuit breakers, cables, accessories, flashlights, etc.
All our products are manufactured in accordance with CE regulations ISO 9001 , ISO 14001,  and RoHS.

LED Light Sources
Importator surse si corpuri de iluminat
Livrare nationala


LED holders, lamps and tubes

Corpuri de iluminat LED Gelor

Fluorescent light bulbs, tubes and spotlights

Surse de iluminat Fluorescente Gelor

Halogen spotlights

Classic spotlights

Gas discharge light bulbs and spotlights


Incandescent light bulbs and spotlights

Accessories and adaptors

Sensors, fixtures and Extensions